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In this clip from the Off-Air Show, Michael Felger and Jim Murray discuss the things you absolutely should not do while flying.

Keep in mind while traveling that if you delay the plane for any of your bullshit, YOU SUCK! In fact, according to Felger, you suck 100 times over.

Creating a stink for any of these reasons is just not okay. If you are sitting next to Felger on any flight or you just want to be a decent human being, please follow the following tips:

  • 1. Don’t take off your shoes

    There is no situation at all in which it is okay to expose the public to your smelly feet.

  • 2. Don’t hog the armrest

    Come on people… we each have ONE! Don’t be greedy.

  • 3. Snoring

    I know, some people can’t help it… but if you are a bad snorer… maybe don’t pass out on the flight!

  • 4. Tipping your seat back

    I am sure there will be some mixed reviews on this one… but if you are sitting in front of Felger… just don’t. It makes you a bad dude.

  • 5. Delaying the plane for any reason at all

    These reasons include, but are not limited to:
    -refusing to buckle your seat belt
    -refusing to take out your headset to listen to instructions from the crew
    -being a d*ck about your bag
    -ignoring the stewardess

  • 6. Not wearing a mask (during Covid times)

    This was the most frustrating part of traveling duringĀ  COVID, just put on your mask and sit down!

  • 7. Don’t be that a$$hole bag person

    Rule of thumb: If you cannot lift your bag into the above compartment or if you are an over packer, do us all a favor and just CHECK IT!

  • 8. If you have panic attacks…. don’t fly..

    Take the train, or the bus!


  • And remember in the words of Jim Murray:

    “The greatest gift you can give to a person is to not inconvenience them”



  • And in the words of Felger:

    “The greatest crime is taking someone’s time.”