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The Patriots took down the New York Jets on Sunday 10-3 to remain one game back of the AFC East division leaders. On Monday’s Felger and Mazz, Mazz gave his thoughts on the Patriots and how they’re still “in it” in the AFC East.

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    Felger: Mazz, your thoughts.

    Mazz: Okay, this is two opponents in a row now where on Sunday they’ve played one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. And when I say “they” the collective “they”. Both teams. The product has been horrible. But another week, another win. Another week, another win. They’re in it, Murray.

    Jim Murray: Yeah. For the wild card.

    Mazz: They’re in it, Murray.

    Jim Murray: For the wild card.

    Mazz: One game out of the division lead, Murray. Like it or not, they’re in it.

    Jim Murray: Stop with the pandering.

    Mazz: And I’m not and I’m not telling you that I believe, because I don’t. Boy, was that a stink bomb. But but let me ask you a hypothetical…What if they keep winning ugly? What if they go to Minnesota and they win the game 13-10? Like, at what point do we start to just accept that maybe they’re a team that can win ugly? And I’m not telling you I’m there. I’m just asking the question. At what point, like, you know, there was a time….

    Felger: See, unlike Murray, my mind is open. I’ve an open mind. I can’t be proven wrong, convinced otherwise.

    Mazz: All I’m saying is there was a time when everyone would have been okay with this. In other words, just take it for what it is. They won the game. They’re not a great offensive team. They’re a bad offensive team. But the defense is coming up with plays. They’re making some plays on special teams, be it block punts or last second returns. Their opponents are dumber than they are. True, true, true, true. All those are true. But they did win the game. So I’m not telling you I’m impressed by the “how”, but at the end of the day, it is results oriented. And I’m not trying to put lipstick on a pig because that thing yesterday was a freakin tractor pull. Holy crap. And to call it a tractor pull is an understatement. That was a freaking tractor pull of a game. But you know what? I believe in winning games. I do. And you find a way and win it however you have to win it. And so I’ll give them that much. That I will give them.