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On Monday’s Felger and Mazz show, Mazz addressed a couple of things, including announcing that he will no longer be in the booth at NESN for Boston Red Sox TV broadcasts.

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    Felger: Are you implying you have to pace yourself?

    Mazz: Yes, a little bit, yeah.

    Felger: Does that mean with your takes?

    Mazz: No, more my energy.

    Felger: Well, that’s what I mean.

    Jim Murray: Yeah, right. Some days we’re going to get “Tony Massarotti” and not “Mazz”?

    Felger: Can we get the full “Mazz”, can you not go full “Mazz”?

    Mazz: Well, no I feel like there’s only one way to go like I do on this show. You know when I do games is a little bit different, which is another issue we’ll get too momentarily.

    Felger: Another issue you just told me is what?

    Mazz: NESN has not asked me back for 2023.

    J-Stew: BOOOOOO!!!

    Felger: BOO, seriously.

    Mazz: So it wasn’t my call, and I say this in all sincerity, we both went into it knowing it was sort of a trial thing. I appreciate them giving the opportunity to me. I also, you know, appreciate the Red Sox for doing that. So it was worth a shot, they want to go in another direction, you know, that’s their call. I would have liked to have done it going forward, but that’s okay, no harm, no foul.

    J-Stew: Mazz you were the best analyst there not named Dennis Eckersley. And it wasn’t even close.

    Mazz: No bias there, Jimmy.

    J-Stew: If you sucked, I’d tell you sucked, but you didn’t.

    Felger: So now we get the full Mazz, though, on the Red Sox? Mazz is back?

    Mazz: Oh, yeah.

    Felger: Not Tony Massarotti?

    Mazz: No, no, it’s Mazz. Yeah, Mazz is back! Still out on Carmelo, but I’m back bitches.

    Felger: Mazz is back!

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