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The Boston Red Sox are currently 30-30 on the season and have made many mistakes in the field that have left fans wondering what has been going on. On Tuesday’s Felger and Mazz, Mazz let it be known that he doesn’t have that much confidence in the team.

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  • Mazz's Confidence is low

    Mazz: They had a meeting before the game and still Refsnyder throws to the wrong base and they give up second base. Now that was the first run of the game that we just heard, so that made it 1-0 but because the runner advanced to second, well, now the Rays got him home and it’s 2-0. And they get three runs in the inning and they won the game 4-1. That inning was the game. Now just think of the consequences, and Merloni touched on it there, Merloni was doing the game yesterday with Dave O’Brien, if Refsnyder throws to second base, the runner stays at first. Bello’s on the mound, he’s got a power sinker, if you get a double play you’re out of it. It’s a 1-0 game. Instead, you open up the door for a three run inning. So it’s not an error, doesn’t show up as unearned runs, but it’s bad defense, it’s stupidity, it’s a lack of fundamentals. And this crap has been going on there now for two years. And really, it even happened in 2021 if you remember, but they won because they could hit. And their bullpen was better than it is now. But really, it’s been three out of four years where it’s been this kind of nonsense.

    Joe Murray: Yeah, I was going to ask do you think the loss of Bogaerts has anything to do with the defense right now?

    Mazz: Yes.

    Joe Murray: But you’ve been saying it’s been happening the last couple of years.

    Mazz: Yeah. Not as bad though. And they had lapses in other areas so Bogearts’ defense is solid. I mean Bogaerts had the best defensive year of his career last year when he was here. But now you’ve added shortstop to the mix. And so I just think it I don’t know what they’re building. I have no idea what they’re building and I look at it and I have no idea when they’re going to be good again.

    Joe Murray: They have nothing up the middle.

    Mazz: Like, if I were to ask you both, when are they going to be good again?

    Jim Murray: When Henry and the rest of the ownership group sells the team.

    Joe Murray: In two years when their prospects don’t work and the owner comes back from vacation and says, “Alright, let’s bring Dombrowski back or somebody like that”.

    Mazz: Okay. So they’d have to change the whole operation. But you’re not saying it because of the players. It’s not like you look at the minor league system and go, “Oh, well, they have Betts, Bogaerts, Devers and Bradley down there”.

    Jim Murray: No, it’s garbage.

    Joe Murray: We got a lot of Blaze Jordan talk last night though. He’s hitting homers. Where is he? In single-A right now?

    Mazz: Right. And who’s the other one?

    Joe Murray: Nick Yorke.

    Mazz: And obviously Marcelo Mayer like. So they have a couple of players down there, but where’s the pitching? Is there enough down there to turn them into a contender? And how are they going to get pitching if they don’t want to pay anybody? Like how’s that going to work? My confidence level in the Red Sox is at an all-time low.

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