New England Patriots

On Thursday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Marc Bertrand just couldn’t comprehend what Bill Belichick has been doing with his quarterbacks.

  • Belichick used to hate distractions

    Beetle: I thought Greg Bedard at the start of yesterday’s show on Felger & Mazz was great when he basically told the Patriots, sack up, pick a guy and go with them. Stop this flip flopping nonsense. Will you just have a quarterback.? Will you just have a quarterback, have a good gameplan, and prepare your best for the next opponent. Because you surely didn’t do that this week. You didn’t do that against the Bears. Can you just pick your guy? And if it’s Bailey Zappe then it’s Zappe. If it’s Mac, then it’s Mac. Figure it out. But this is not functional. And again, I keep going back to this. The team that preaches eliminate the distractions, eliminate the noise, you know, avoid those storylines, Bill’s done nothing but create them now for two weeks. Playing games while losing on the field. That’s the Patriot Way in 2022.

    Zo: That’s the problem. That’s the problem right now.

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  • Belichick committed to Mac Jones only starting on Sunday