Boston Celtics

On Tuesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Beetle gave credit to the Celtics for their usage of Blake Griffin.

  • Celtics are using Griffin perfectly

    Marc Bertrand: How about that Blake Griffin? 32 minutes last night. First time he had done that in almost a year. 13 points, 8 rebounds. And was clutch, was very clutch too.

    Scott Zolak: Two big games in a week for him.

    Marc Bertrand: Had a put back with under a minute to play under 30 seconds to play. Look at him. Look at him. Blake Griffin, making a difference, by the way, I would just say that this is how you’re supposed to use a guy like Blake Griffin. As in, you can’t expect his minutes to be of real value in terms of the quantity of minutes. Frequently. But now you have sort of a spot situation. That’s when you break them out, you dust off the cobwebs, you know? Oil the joints like he’s Tin Man and get him out there and get him going. You know what I mean? That’s what you got to do.

    Scott Zolak: But, I mean, Griffin feels like that’s the guy that’s like totally comfortable in this role. Likes it here. Likes playing here. Was at the game when he got Smart going, said man, it’s your time, you know? And the minute he gave you what a week ago, he was big in one of those games. So, you know, when you’re not playing great basketball like they weren’t last night, these are the type of games that now this team wins. They would lose this type of game last year, a year ago, prior to the beginning of the year. These are the type of games that they would lose, but they find ways to win.

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