New England Patriots

On Tuesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Marc Bertrand said he believes the Patriots have lost faith in Mac Jones after last night’s loss to the Bears.

  • It's obvious how the Patriots feel...

    Beetle: If I were writing the Channel 7 headline today, it would be Coaching Catastrophe. That’s what it would be. This is now a full blown disaster that they’ve got to deal with it. Mac Jones was running all over the field when he was in the game. Now, he didn’t make good decisions when he was throwing the football, and he had a number of turnover worthy plays, if you want to call them that. Including his pick, which he threw off the back foot and he floated and left it up there and it turned into an interception and that had to have been part of the reason why he was sat down. They would not admit to that after the game last night, but that had to factor in, in addition to his health. Why did he start? Why was it not Zappe? And who is now your quarterback? Because it’s not because Mac couldn’t move. It’s not because he was limited in movement. He had three runs in that game where he took off. He was moving just fine. So they have lost confidence in Mac Jones. That to me is what’s obvious in all of this.

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