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Rafael Devers and the Red Sox have reportedly agreed to a 11-year, $331 million contract that will keep him in Boston through 2033. Zolak and Bertrand had plenty of reaction, including what Beetle thinks this deal means for John Henry’s belief in Chaim Bloom.

  • Beetle on why Chaim Bloom doesn't deserve credit



    “He’s getting paid. And why is Chaim Bloom getting any credit for that? Because every time you would bring up that Bloom might suck at his job, which I brought up many, many times you hear the “well, the spending is not on Chaim Bloom.”.

    “The spending is not up to him. He doesn’t have the checkbook. He’s not signing the bottom right hand corner. You’re right. It’s not his money. It’s John Henry’s money. So you know who gets the credit for this? John Henry! He gets the credit for this.”


  • Has John Henry lost faith in Chaim Bloom?


    “In fact, I would go so far as to say, for all you idiots today who are praising Chaim Bloom for this. I would say this could be a sign that your owner has started to lose faith in that GM. “F— you, Chaim! This off season sucked. Go spend the money on Devers. We’ve got to lock that guy up. Because where are we without him? Because I have yet to see this wonderful, magical team that you are supposed to build me on short money. I don’t see it yet.”

    “So does this save Chaim’s ass? No.”

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