New England Patriots

New England Patriots

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Beetle explained that he thinks Bill Belichick is deflecting blame for this season.

  • Belichick is deflecting...

    Marc Bertrand: But twice wanted to make it known that they (Patriots) are 27th in the league in cash spending over the last three years. You know, because Bill I know spends a lot of time figuring out where do I stand in cash spending against the rest of the league. I know he’s got that chart right on his, right there, right on the bulletin board in the office. Where are we ranking in cash spending? He’s always very concerned. What did he just say? We spent money in free agency and it was good for this team, but oh, by the way, we didn’t spend as much as you think we did. We’re 27th in the league in cash spending the last 3 years. We’re not spending money on this team. Who’s that a shot at?

    Scott Zolak: Whoever signs the checks.

    Marc Bertrand: How is that going to play when he says that publicly? The real thing that matters is your actual money that you spend. And did you know we’re 27th in the league over the last three years? Don’t come at me about my my coaches. Don’t come after me about that. Nah, we’ve got a quarterback who’s not buying in. Who maybe you wanted a draft in the first round, and you got me to get collaborative and take the video of getting Mac Jones. And we’re not spending and we’re not doing the things we need to do to spend. He’s deflecting. He’s deflecting the issues with this team. Not to say that they’re not all issues, but he’s deflecting from the issues that he is responsible for and that’s the coaching.

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  • The direct quote from Belichick

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