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  • Jared Carrabis of DraftKings made some comments earlier in the week on his podcast about the future of Chaim Bloom with the Red Sox. The following day, the Red Sox announced that Bloom would be back with the team next season. On Wednesday’s “The Baseball Hour”, Carrabis clarified his comments on Bloom and Alex Cora.

  • Transcript 

    Tony Mazz: This is the story with the Red Sox, and is going to remain the story with the Red Sox for the foreseeable weeks and months through the offseason into next season. What’s going to happen to the management of the baseball operation. And that reflects on Chaim Bloom, that reflects on Alex Cora, since Jared Carrabis came out on that podcast and said that he questioned whether Chaim Bloom was fully safe and that is going into next season.

    Sam Kennedy of the Red Sox, President Sam Kennedy, has come out and made the statement that Cora and Bloom will be back. They will both be part of the baseball operation going forward. So, Jared, you tell me, what does this mean? Where is it going and how should we feel about next season?

    Jared Carrabis: I mean, he told you. That cut from the podcast was obviously before Sam came out and addressed it. I mean, I don’t know that it was in a direct response to the podcast, but it felt like it, in a way. I know that GBOB over there, Pete Abe, had that stupid column where he said that Cora might be in hot water, but he just never was. Like, that was never the case.

    But yeah, I mean, so the thing about the podcast is that if I were to put out a report, I would tweet it in a way. But it wasn’t something that I tweeted. It’s almost like the podcast is like, hey, like you’re a bunch of Red Sox fans, we’re all hanging out at the bar. Like, here’s the gossip. It wasn’t a report. And I know some people took it out of context and tweeted it and whatever. Like, go get your likes and retweets. It’s fine.

    But it was more like that. It was more like, ‘Hey, like, this isn’t a report, but here’s – this is the buzz.’ Yeah. Like, this is some stuff that’s gotten back to me. But, yeah, but that’s kind of what came back to me was that the ownership wasn’t super thrilled and the job security was more of a “guess” like it was almost like he has to, he has to drill this offseason, because I don’t know how long that leash is. But we know only get confirmation from Sam Kennedy that his job is not in jeopardy for next year.