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Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe joins Felger and Mazz on Friday’s to discuss the latest in Boston sports.  This week while discussing the Patriots offense during the 2022 season, Gasper shared a story he had about asking Patriots wide receiver, Kendrick Bourne, about the offense and if it was similar to the Kyle Shanahan offense in San Francisco.

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  • Jan 15, 2022; Orchard Park, New York, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne (84) makes a catch against Buffalo Bills cornerback Levi Wallace (39) in the first quarter of the AFC Wild Card playoff game at Highmark Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

    The Patriots’ only consistent playmaker on either side of the ball. Bourne emerged as a big-play threat for the Pats as the season went along, and gave them all he could in this one. He got decent separation and made plays with his legs after the catch. Bourne finished with seven receptions for 77 yards and two touchdowns, and added one carry for 14 yards. Though all of New England wishes the Patriots’ season ended better, they can at least feel good about Bourne going forward.

  • Did the former 49ers receiver see any similarities between the offenses?

    Chris Gasper: I was looking for Murray to chime in there and be like, “Oh, I guess they didn’t print out those PDFs. They didn’t print out the counter PDFs of the Shanahan offense”.

    Jim Murray: The whole thing was as half assed, if not more than we always thought it was. I mean, that was one of the great standouts of that piece where, you know, it’s like guys like Kendrick Bourne and others that have been in that Shanahan offense before, and they were asking questions like, well, what do we do to counter this? And those two morons are like, “ahh, worry about it later”. I mean, it’s like me being a coach there, “I don’t know. We’ll figure it out when we get to it”.

    Mazz: “You know, guys, we were just about to get there”. I mean, three more weeks we would have made the playoffs”.

    Jim Murray: So in Bourne’s case too, they hold it against him.

    Chris Gasper: They did.

    Jim Murray: They look at that as like, insubordination. Like, “how dare you ask a question and make us look like the idiots we are?”

    Chris Gasper: Yeah, and I’ll tell you, now I look back on this exchange I had with Kendrick Bourne a little differently because it was telling. I remember there was so much talk about they’re trying to do this Shanahan stuff and I had talked to Brian Hoyer for a little bit and he was like, “yeah, you know, basically I’m paraphrasing, Brian was like, “Yeah, there are some similarities, some of the stuff I’ve done before”. So I was like, Oh, okay, I’m going to do a column or story or something off this. And I asked Kendrick Bourne, I was like, “Hey, any of this stuff you guys doing remind you of what you did in San Francisco with Shanahan? And you just looked at me and said, “no”, and that was it. Which was like a real red flag, like, you know.

    Mazz: Not even close.

    Chris Gasper: Yeah, you just said he just looked right at me and was like, “no”. And then it was like the next question.

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