New England Patriots

New England Patriots

A third scuffle escalates into a brawl during a joint preseason camp practice between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati on Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022. Practice was ended early after a third scuffle turned into a broader fight between players on both teams. Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Rams Training Camp

On Friday’s edition of Zolak and Bertrand, Hardy went off about Patriots fans justifying last week’s brawls after the Bengals and Rams fight went viral.

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    Hardy: Some people jump all over this and say, oh, well, here’s a couple of Super Bowl teams, you know, going at it in a joint practice. I guess it’s not just for the, you know, the bad teams after all. Maybe the Patriots are just doing what every team does. Yeah, they had a couple of scuffles during their practice and that was a bad one. Did they do it five times over two days? Have you ever seen the Patriots do it to this degree before? It’s the classic, well they’re doing it. This, what you’re seeing here, Is this something that you’re used to seeing from a Patriots team? The way they behaved in those Carolina Panthers practices. And by the way, you know, I give all credit to the Rams, McVay. I’m a big, obviously you know, as a Lions fan I’m a big Stafford guy, I think they earned and deserved that Super Bowl win. I don’t think that is a you know, win the Super Bowl three times in the next five years type of team. I think they’re a real good team. They spent a lot of money and they’ve got some real good players. It’s crazy to say this, but I don’t consider them automatic upper echelon of the NFL. I still think it’s Kansas City. I still kind of think it’s Green Bay because they got Aaron Rodgers. And this is from a guy who’s a fan of the quarterback and like and appreciate what they did in L.A.. But I don’t look at those two teams as the obvious creme de la creme of the NFL. So that’s that’s number one. And number two, forget about the other teams. Yeah, sometimes good teams do it, too. Has your team done it? Has your team gotten into five brawls in training camp over the course of two days before that you can remember.

    Ted: Not that I can remember.

    Hardy: Not that I can remember either. So just, you know, as my son used to say, you worry about youself. When he was getting yelled at, you worry about yourself. But seriously, just keep it to yourself for a second. And I will also say, you know, it’s not what bad teams do. Fine. A lot of teams do it. Does your team do it? Has your team done it before?

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