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Greg Bedard of Boston Sports Journal joined Felger and Mazz on Tuesday. Bedard gave his 3 up and 3 down from the Patriots week 4 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

  • 3 UP

  • Trent Brown
    Trent Brown

  • Matthew Judon

    Matthew Judon

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  • Jack Jones

    Jack JOnes

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  • 3 Down

    Mack Wilson

    Mack Wilson

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  • Isaiah Wynn

    Isaiah Wynn

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  • Jonnu Smith

    Jonnu Smith

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  • Transcript:

    Felger: All right. Three up, three down, three studs, three duds.

    Greg Bedard: Trent Brown, I think he’s been outstanding since the first game. You know, they’re running behind him. He’s powering there. The run game he’s given really good protection on that side of the line. I think he’s been great.

    Felger: Number Two Up..

    Greg Bedard: Matthew Judon. He’s the dominating guy up front. You know, pressure on the quarterback does a good job in the run game. I just hope he can keep it up all season.

    Felger: Third up.

    Greg Bedard: Jack Jones. You know, I have some reservations about that. I mean, he had the forced fumble. The pick six is the pick six, but he also had some really rough plays, including he gave up the touchdown on the end around to Watson. Yeah on the end around I mean he’s a rookie he just doesn’t know yet but on that play he’s got to have a heads up. Oh, there’s a guy coming in motion. I might have to jump out. He didn’t see that play coming at all. And McCourty was easily picked because of good design. But Jones is supposed to jump out and stop that. And, you know, he missed a bunch of tackles in this game, you know, not a clean game, but this is what you get with him. He’s always been boom or bust. And he was boom in this game. They needed that. That pick six was huge.

    Felger: Three down or the three duds. Number one dud.

    Greg Bedard: Mack Wilson he gave up 2-20 yard plays, had a rough time in coverage after the Ravens game and, you know, the Jamie Collins workout came, I said, you know, if Jamie Collins is saying this because of Mack Wilson, they just can’t do anything else. Desperate times inside linebacker for the Patriots.

    Felger: Who’s number two for you?

    Greg Bedard: Isaiah Wynn, one and a half sacks, one and a half knocked down, two penalties in limited time. I mean,  he’s got to be done. I mean, I had heard going into this game that they were getting Marcus Cannon ready very quickly, as soon as possible to get ready to play right tackle. But then what are you going to do? You’re going to guys making $10 Million a year. Are you hoping that by the midway point somebody says, all right, for $5 million a year, I’ll take the rest of the year? But, man, that’s a lot of money going to the bench.

    Felger: Third.

    Greg Bedard: Jonnu Smith. He did not block well in this game. And, you know, he’s made no impact in the pass game. I mean, you know, what are we doing here? I mean, more money wasted. 12 and a half million dollars there.