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Nick Gemelli, a Producer for the highly rated Marconi award winning Toucher & Rich radio program, and his wife just welcomed their first child, Noah (AKA: Luigi Giovanni Gemelli). They’re planning to introduce their newborn to their friends this weekend at a south shore brewery and are excited to share their joy with those closest to them.

  • However, newly single and ready to mingle, Fred Toucher, views the event as an unnecessary or insignificant occasion.

  • Fred Toucher

    Fred Toucher at the Wilbur Theatre


    Rich: Nick is having a “show and tell” this weekend, which we all had when we first had a newborn where you got to make the rounds. I told Nick, I said, ‘if I can give you any advice, it is that nobody matters but your baby’s sleep schedule. If people feel that they have to see the baby because they have places to go and things to do, tell them they can suck it.’ Because any time you try to match up with other people and doesn’t sync with your baby. That kid loses it and ruins the day for everybody else.

    Fred: I got news for you. No one outside of your immediate family cares.

    Rich: That’s not true.

    Fred: No one cares about the baby.

    Rich: That’s not true at all. if I had a sister or a friend. You’re also not female. That’s the other thing, too, is women all want to see the baby.

    Fred: I mean, they say they do, but in reality, Nick, you don’t have to move your schedule because everybody’s seen the baby are the people that want to see the baby. They haven’t seen it by now. No one cares. I mean, I’m very happy that the baby’s healthy.

  • Now, It’s important to remember that everyone has different priorities and interests. While Fred may not be interested in attending a party like this, Nick, Britt and their friends likely view it as a special moment to celebrate and bond over the new addition to their lives. Also, a good excuse to get together and drink.

    But what do you think? Does Fred make a good point?


  • Nick Gemelli is a Producer for the Toucher and Rich program and contributor for you can follow Nick at @NickGemelli on Twitter.

    Follow @Toucherandrich on Twitter, @Toucherandrichofficial and @fredtoucher on Instagram to keep up with the show!

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