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As the Bruins get set to kick off their 2022-23 season, Felger gave his thoughts on what constitutes a good season for the team.

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    Felger: I Think it was was Haggs with the question about “is the team treating this as one last roundup for Patrice Bergeron and does that motivate him?”. And I think if you had a really good team, you would say, “no, we’re going to win on the merits of our talent and how hard we play and that sort of thing”. And I think a lot of people would punt on that answer, except Cam’s like, “nope, that’s fair. This is it. This is the last round up”, and it can motivate these guys. Win one for Patrice, that sort of thing. And that’s really like one of their only hopes. It’s true. It’s kind of a sad state of affairs, but like, that’s it. On pure talent, they’re not up there. But, if they get motivated and get inspired and that sort of thing and go on a run because of that, it’s, you know, one of the great Bruins of all time his last round up like, I think that’s like their one path to being a real cup contender. That’s it. And I don’t think they suck, by the way, I think their roster’s good. Not great, but good. And if they get a hot goaltender, that’s the old school way. But, “win one for Patrice”, that kind of thing, they’re banking on that. I think they’re banking on that thing.

    Mazz: Oh, I think they’re going to need a lot of things to go right in order for them to, you know, make real noise. What would constitute a good season for you?

    Felger: Oh, it’s always conference final. Like that to me is the demarcation of a contending season and not.

    Mazz: Even with what they are going in?

    Felger: Yeah, yeah. If they lose in the second round again I’ll be pissed.

    Jim Murray: What if Pastrnak’s not signed?

    Felger: Well that’s a sort of a side story. If he’s not signed, they have to trade him. If he’s not signed, they have to trade him. They can’t be Calgary and what happened with Gaudreau and all of that? That can’t happen. So we spent time on Pastrnak yesterday. We’ll get to that again today as well. But no, conference final, that’s my line of demarcation. They lose in the first or second round? No. Who’s satisfied with that? You want to go on a run? A run is constituted by making your final four. And I think that’s true in every sport and if you make the final four in pretty much any sport, not basketball, basketball’s the only difference. But you make the final four in any of these sports, you got a chance to win it all. And that to me constitutes, you know, like that’s really it.