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The Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Western Conference Finals after taking down the Edmonton Oilers in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Knights are led by for Boston Bruins bench boss Bruce Cassidy. On Monday’s Felger and Mazz, Felger let it be known that the Bruins players should be embarrassed that they forced Cassidy out of Boston.

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  • Ottawa Senators v Vegas Golden Knights

    LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – NOVEMBER 23: Head coach Bruce Cassidy of the Vegas Golden Knights handles bench duties behind Michael Amadio #22, Paul Cotter #43, Jonathan Marchessault #81 and William Karlsson #71 in the second period of their game against the Ottawa Senators at T-Mobile Arena on November 23, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Golden Knights defeated the Senators 4-1. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

  • The Bruins should be embarrassed

    Felger: Bruce Cassidy and the Vegas Golden Knights in the Western Conference Finals! So the group of Boston athletes who should be absolutely embarrassed are the Boston Bruins players, followed closely by the management that just kowtows to them at every turn. But it’s the players. That’s a joke. It’s a good coach. He was just fine. But he was too mean? You don’t like him, so you run him out of town? Only to fall flat on your face in the first round. And he keeps going. That’s embarrassing. That’s embarrassing to Patrice Bergeron. Don’t start with the bottom of the roster, which is easy to do, start with the top of the roster. Start with the guys that got him fired. It’s embarrassing. Gag in the first round and this guy who you got canned because he was mean is still going and coaching deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs. That’s embarrassing.

    Jim Murray: You’re right to bring up Bergeron because I remember it like it felt like that was the send off, Bergeron was done at the end of last season. Not this last one that they blew it, the prior one felt like a send off in Carolina. That was it. And then, “Oh, you mean Bruce is going to be gone? Oh I’ll come back!” Like he definitely had a major hand in that.

    Felger: I mean, I don’t think Cassidy was mean to Bergeron, I just think Bergeron saw how he treated the young guys.

    Jim Murray: Yeah, he had the backs of the young guys.

    Felger: And got the back of his young teammates and so great, great, awesome! Johnny the joke man you got to pull his finger and he made fart noises all season long. Great! I’m glad you were more comfortable and happier.

    Mazz: Uncle Monty!

    Felger: Seriously! This is another embarrassment for the players. I don’t know if they realize it. I don’t know if they feel it. I don’t know how many guys are going to call him out on it, but this is embarrassing. You got the guy fired. And I know those coaches are hired to be fired, I’m just going to dramatize it a little bit for effect, but you know, uproot his family, move to the other side of the country because he was mean to “Jakey”. He was mean to Jake Debrusk. And he yelled at Brandon Carlo before he got back to the bench. Not on the bench, as I guess he supposed to do. He yelled at him before Brandon had a chance to get over the boards.

    Mazz: Like it would have made a difference.

    Felger: So you got his ass canned. You choke in the first round. Lose. And he’s still coaching. That’s embarrassing.

  • It took all of 8 days for Cassidy to get a job this past summer

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