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Late in the first half of Super Bowl LVII DeVonta Smith had a catch overturned after a long review process. On Monday’s Felger and Mazz, Felger let out some frustrations on instant replay in sports.

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  • Felger is not a fan of long reviews

    Felger: 30 different cameras? 5 minutes? But a very prescient point by Mike Pereira, if it takes 5 minutes, would you consider that clear and obvious? If it takes you 30 cameras and 5 minutes, I would say by definition it is not clear and obvious.

    Mazz: Definitely not.

    Felger: Ay yay yay. And like there’s still some sort of lingering thing, and Pereira referenced it. They’re taking a bigger, longer look at it than they did last week, meaning the Devonta Smith play on the first drive against the Niners where they didn’t see the camera angle where the ball came out until after the commercial break. It’s just getting worse. I’ve been ranting about this since we’ve come on the air. It’s just getting worse and it continues to get worse. The only glimmer of hope is the league is starting to do some of these expedited reviews. That’s what the entire replay should be for all sports in all instances. One guy in an expedited fashion looking at it, if it ain’t obvious, we’re going to put the ball down and we’re going to keep going. And if ultimately we got the call wrong because we didn’t have 30 different camera angles or 5 minutes to look at it, we’re all going to have to live with it! Can we? Can you?

    Jim Murray: I mean, when you’re talking about 5 minutes, you’re just looking to find something wrong.

    Mazz: Seriously.

    Jim Murray: That’s what’s so annoying about it. It should not take this long. Look at it in real time. If you can’t figure it out then, then it should just stand. Those took way too long.

    Mazz: And the mistake in the game last week definitely factored into it.

    Felger: The thing last week was not a blown call. It was just missed. You can’t see everything even with replay. So sometimes kids, sometimes the call is going to be wrong. Can you live with it? Can you handle it?

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