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The New England Patriots lost to the Minnesota Vikings 33-26 on Thanksgiving Night. Felger and Mazz open their show on Monday asking the question…..would the Patriots have beaten the Vikings if they had Tom Brady as their quarterback?

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    Felger: I thought that game Thursday night was yet another game that you won with Tom Brady and you don’t win with Tom Brady gone. And it was another one crystal clear example of what you are without Tom Brady.

    Mazz: Yeah, look, it manifests itself on multiple levels, right? So I don’t want to cut Mac Jones like slack either, because in the fourth quarter they weren’t good. I think they lost the game largely on defense and special teams. To me, that’s where the majority of the damage was done. Even then, you know, the game is basically tied. Weren’t they up three going in the final quarter, 26- 23? Like they had the lead. So they’re in position to win the game and obviously they couldn’t close it out. So to me, I look at it in those terms all the time, put them in these situational spots, game on the line, and the level of focus is the same on both sides and the stakes are the same on both sides. You’re not playing some crap team. You’re playing someone that has something at stake and something vested in it, and you can’t beat them. It happens over and over and over again. How many times you have to see it?

    Felger: I couldn’t believe the number of people who said it was progress. You know, progress. Like we’re back to another moral victory? You know, all because your offense moved the ball finally after a month of not really moving the ball. So you move the ball, you look like an NFL offense. Okay, great. Did you win the game? And how many of those of you had for two years now? Mazz. “Oh, we played Tampa Bay to a one possession game. Came down to a field goal”. Feel pretty good about yourself? Loss. Dallas comes in here last year, up and down the field with him. “We took him to overtime. We went toe to toe with Dallas. We feel pretty good about ourselves”. Lost. You that second Buffalo game, not even the wind game. The game that was here, you know, that was a one possession game in the fourth quarter. Now, you never forced them to punt, but you matched them for most of that game. Again, one possession game in the fourth quarter, you know, “we can go pretty much toe to toe with Buffalo”. This year, Green Bay, “took them to overtime. Feel pretty good about ourselves”. That was a moral victory. Baltimore comes in here, “boy, Mac Jones lookeed good. You know couple of turnovers here or there, an inch here or there we win..”, how many games you’re going to have where it’s it came down to one call, one inch, one play, they made the plays, we didn’t, but we’re right there? It was just another one of those games. So at what point do you get enough of a sample where you say, “Well, that’s really just what we are”. That Belichick and whatever he has left in the tank makes you competitive and Mac Jones for as good as he is, you’ll be competitive in these games but you’re not going to win them. And that’s where I feel like you are. And that’s what that game was on Thursday. And you used to win those games, which is why that graphic is relevant. When a certain somebody was here, you won those games.

    Mazz: Because the quarterback bailed out. That’s why.