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Felger and Mazz give their thoughts on the New England Patriots offense in the team’s 33-26 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

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    (Highlight package of Mac Jones TD passes against Minnesota Vikings on Thursday)

    Felger: Mac Jones’s day, the two highlights are the two touchdown catches. Certainly not his only good throws. Is there any “yeah, but” Mazz, for the Mac Jones performance.

    Mazz: Yeah. I mean, look, the fourth quarter is the obvious one. Their offense in crunch time sucks. And I will say at those critical moments, like you crystallized it I thought pretty well, with all due respect.

    Felger: Thank you.

    Mazz: Third down. Fourth quarter. And what was the other when you had?

    Felger: Red zone.

    Mazz: Red zone, obvious.

    Felger: 0-3. Ranked 31st in the league.

    Mazz: Yeah. I mean, they’re not good at any of those. And the other thing is like those two touchdown passes, and not to nitpick because at the end of the day touchdowns are touchdowns, neither one was inside the red zone. They were both out in the thirties. One was 34, one was 37. So in that way, I almost give them a little bit of credit that they recognize the closer they get, the worse they are. So they said we’re going to take our shots down the middle of the field before we get in there, because it’s our better chance to score. So look, I give them some credit for that, but those are the only two touchdowns in the game.

    Felger: They scored on six of the first seven possessions, having their way up and down the field all game long. Fourth quarter..,..here are their four drives: three and out. Punt. Three and out. Punt. Seven plays, downs. Three plays, end of game.

    Mazz: And the seven play drive had one good play.

    Felger: One play. One first down play, which was a 40 yard screen pass to Rhamondre Stevenson. And I barely count it. Barely. I’ll give it to him, I guess.

    Jim Murray: But if he’s going to play like that, he has to elevate his game in crunch time in the fourth quarter. Winning time. And he can’t do it. He hasn’t been able to do it since he’s been on this team. He has one comeback, the aforementioned game against Houston last year. But in a game like Thursday night, when you’re playing like that, you can’t go to crap the bed in the fourth quarter like he ultimately did.

    Mazz: It was a screen pass.

    Felger: I mean, that’s it. That’s all they did in the fourth quarter was really one screen pass.

    Mazz: Yeah. It’s not like they’re dropping back and somebody is running a great route and it’s a bullet of a ball on the sideline that the defense can’t defend. It was a freakin screen pass. In some ways it’s almost demoralizing that it was the screenpass, right? Because you’re like, well, okay, fine. Like it was a screen, but it doesn’t reflect well on your offensive talent.


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