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Bradley Beal is reportedly on his way of out Washington D.C. and is being traded to the Phoenix Suns. On Monday’s Felger and Mazz the guys reacted to the trade news and what it means for the Boston Celtics.

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  • Thoughts on Bradley Beal to the Suns

    Mazz: As soon as I heard it I went, “Well, they’re loaded now”. And you can talk all you want about the bench and the role players and everything else, you can fill that out. You got your top four players like these guys have now, they’re absolutely the threat to win it. And it’s not a coincidence that it’s them. They’re in a conference with the reigning champions now. Denver just won the title. These guys know the road got tougher, Durant’s here now, we’re going to have a full season, we need more. So they went and got more.

    Jim Murray: I still think it’s Denver, but I still just look at this from a Celtics perspective in that it just leads me to believe that the Celtics are really going to just run back the same thing and make fringy moves this offseason and that’s going to be it. They weren’t in on this at all. Right? Like, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Felger: Doesn’t feel like.

    Jim Murray: This was down to Miami and Phoenix and the Celtics were an afterthought. Sounds like so far Celtics are an afterthought with any rumored trade of any big name. So it’s going to be like Isaiah Stewart and some other guys and more coaches to the staff and that’s we’re going to have to live with.

    Felger: And Celts fans are okay with it?

    Jim Murray: Of course they are because they’re Celtics fans.

    Felger: Celtics fans are mocking a team like the Suns.

    Mazz: They should be concerned about it because this is what should worry you the most if you’re a Celtics fan that they just bring it back and that other teams around the league gear up and add more.

    Felger: So you’re going to turn around and mock other teams for trying to get better. I love that. I love when that happens. I think the Celtics have to do something to change something or it’s not going to happen. Just rolling back the same group. It’s not going to happen. They need something. They need to change the mix in some way, shape, or form. And I’m really opened to a lot of different things. I’m open to a lot of different kinds of players. I’m open to different kinds of positional basketball, a big guy, a pure point guard. I’m open to a DNA shift. I’m open to just peeling guys off. Addition by subtraction, if you just deal Marcus Smart and or Grant Williams and get sort of their bigger personalities out of the room, does that allow the current guys to more fulfill their destiny? Whatever! I need something. If I’m the Celtics because if they just bring it back as is, it ain’t going to happen.

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