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On Wednesday, rumors started circulating that the Boston Bruins could be bringing Milan Lucic back to Boston when free agency opens on July 1st. Lucic was a member of the Bruins from 2007-2015 and won a Stanley Cup with the club in 2011. Since his departure from the Bruins he has played for the Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, and Calgary Flames. On Wednesday’s Felger and Mazz, the guys reacted to the Lucic news and if they’d like to see the Bruins bring him back.

Are they open to a Lucic return? 

Felger: Lucic as a free agent?

Mazz: You know what this is? This is just pandering to the fan base. That’s all that is. The fans have always loved the player, so let’s kiss their ass and bring in someone on the cheap.

Jim Murray: On 100 year Centennial season too.

Felger: Let me give you the number, and if he signs for over this number I will destroy them….$1 million. If it is a cent over a million….Like the lowest of the low, the basest of the base? Fine. You want to stuff him on the fourth line? Like Garnet Hathaway, I think his salary last year was a million bucks.

Mazz: Would you rather have Hathaway or Lucic?

Felger: Hathaway. 100% rather of Hathaway. But if Lucic is going to come and be that Chris Wagner role, fine. You know, whatever. If this is anything other than a few bucks over the minimum, I will destroy them. Milan Lucic sucked when he left here, which was now, I want to say seven years ago? So he ceased to be an effective player seven years ago. Last year, he played 77 games, approaching a full season, he had seven goals. You want to go 975K? You know, fine. Anything more than that, forget about it.

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