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Big Jim Murray was out the day after the Boston Celtics game 7 loss to the Miami Heat, so his thoughts on the loss came a day later than Felger and Mazz. Here are Murray’s thoughts on the Celtics season ender.

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    Felger: So that was Big Jim Murray, I mean, Draymond Green over the weekend giving you his thoughts on his podcast. But I say that just jokingly because I feel they may echo the thoughts of one Big Jim Murray. Is that true, Jim.

    Jim Murray: Completely. And it’s one thing for someone like me to to think that. For someone to appear in the league. You think he’s the only guy in the league that looks at the Celtics and feels that way? Absolutely not. I bet that friend he texted was another prominent player in the league because they know what they are and what they showed you this weekend. How perfectly them that they get everybody’s hopes up they steal game 6 Saturday night, a fake win if there ever was one and I’ll explain why if you want me to, they come home and give everyone the pipe in game 7 because that’s who they are. Nobody should have been surprised by this. I told you this is who they are. They’re not a serious group. Draymond Green’s right. And again, he plays at that level and he sees this. This isn’t just some schlub in a hoodie for the 19th straight day on the show saying this, he believes this kind of thing. They’re led by two fake superstars in Tatum and Brown. Those two are never going to win here. So the three guys I saw that I liked actually showed out in the series and especially in game 6, Derrick White played with balls, Rob Williams, Al Horford, but he kind of looks washed, the rest? Break it up, shake it up. They’re never going to win a championship like this. I don’t know what they got to do, but you’re going to win with these two.

  • May 29, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) dunks against Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown (7) during the fourth quarter of game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals for the 2023 NBA playoffs at TD Garden. Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

    Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler (22) dunks against Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown (7) during the fourth quarter of Game 7 of the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals at TD Garden. (Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports)

  • Jim Murray: So game 6, look, you shoot 20% from three when you live and die by it? That came to bite him in the ass these last two games. Okay, they got that tip in, again credit to Derrick White, who I like and actually plays with some balls, they shouldn’t have won that game. As bad as Jimmy Butler was in that game, I’ll actually give a little bit of credit to Tatum for the defense he played on him, him and white switching off on him, then he scores ten straight points, they get back in that game and it’s like “holy crap they’re doing this again”. The Heat had it and then they blew it. That’s the way I look at that game. The Celtics stole that one. They that probably should’ve ended Saturday night, but nope, they win it, they celebrate way too much, great point by Draymond Green, like they actually “we won this thing” because you know this speaks to I know you’re a big believer in the Heat culture, the heat culture is part of the reason why the Heat won, so the Celtics looked at that as “we just won this” because the Celtics looked at the Heat and said, “well, if we were in their shoes we would have completely given up, so now the Heat are going to show up and quit in game 7, we’ve won this thing because that’s what we would do”, they ignore Heat culture in the Heat said, “No, we’re going to show up and still try because we still have one last chance and we’ve won on that floor multiple times. We’re going to go in there. We’re still going to show up. This sucks, this hurts, but it’s not over”.

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