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The 2023 NBA Draft is coming up on Thursday night and the rumor mill has been churning, especially for the Boston Celtics. On Wednesday’s Felger and Mazz, the guys discussed some of the news that’s leaking out.

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  • Is Kristaps Porzingis Boston bound?

  • Who's in and who's out on Porzingis?

    Felger: Let’s start with Porzingis. Let me start with Porzingis and DeAndre Ayton, if you’re curious how I feel, I don’t know why you would be but well you’re listening so maybe you are….Porzingis OUT Ayton…IN. What I need another seven footer standing on the three point line? This is the whole point. I know he’s a big guy but he doesn’t play like a big guy.

    Mazz: He definitely doesn’t play like a big guy.

    Felger: He plays out on the wing. He’s a big wing. If I’m a Celtics fan or I’m the Celtics I don’t want that. I want a big guy who plays more like a big guy or a point guard who plays more like a point guard. I’ve said it over and over and over and over and over again. So Porzingis doesn’t give that to me. Ayton does. So I would be a yes on Ayton and I’d be a no on Porzingis.

    Mazz: I want the Zinger! And I’ll tell you why, I don’t disagree with your assessment. Here’s what I do disagree with: they’re not going to change their offense.

    Jim Murray: Yeah right, he fits what they do.

    Mazz: They’re not going to change their offense.

    Felger: Really?

    Mazz: No they’re not.

    Felger: After all these new assistants and the way they went down last year and all this, they’re going to play the exact same way?

    Mazz: You think those are strategy based or personality based?

    Jim Murray: Yeah. Those guys are all there to spin the wheel when they fire Mazzulla if they got off to a bad star. All these assistants they brought in, that’s what I’m convinced of.

    Mazz: And the one they’re bringing in from Duke. Boy, that’s a coincidence, who went there?

  • What’s next for Jaylen Brown?

  • A Super Max? A Trade?

    Felger: Stew your thoughts on that? Do you think there’s something to that?

    J-Stew: So I believe right now that the Celtics are going to offer Jaylen Brown the Supermax, pay him five years $295 million. I believe that that’s going to happen. But I keep hearing Jaylen Brown and trade rumors and the latest one that I got was to the Detroit Pistons for the number five pick this year, because there’s a player that they like who you probably don’t care about, who you’ve never heard of, but they also can get “Beef Stew”, who I’m a fan of for obvious reasons, and Cade Cunningham, who was the number one pick in the draft a few years ago. And Cade Cunningham, he’s not a three point shooter, but he’s a 6’6″ point guard who I think had 20 points, six rebounds, six assists. He’s a midrange shooter, which would change the dynamic of the offense. I would actually do this trade if the Celtics fear the luxury tax that’s coming, which apparently the Miami Heat fear and that’s why they didn’t get Bradley Beal.

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