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During a spring training game on Monday between the Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays, home plate umpire Randy Rosenberg ejected Phillies catcher J.T. Relamuto for a reason that Realmuto (and many others) couldn’t understand. On Tuesday’s Felger and Mazz, the guys discussed the incident and Felger shared why he wants to umpires to take over games this upcoming season.

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    Felger: Mazz, your thoughts?

    Mazz: I loved it. And I’ll tell you why I loved it. First of all, let me ask you, who do you blame?

    Felger: Oh my God, Realmuto.

    Mazz: I blame Craig Kimbrel.

    Felger: And Kimbrel. Both of them. They were dicking around and the umpire called them on it.

    Mazz: And I blame Kimbrel. But the umpire took it out on the catcher.

    Felger: I’m so glad you feel this way because everyone’s ragging on the umpire.

    Mazz: Correct.

    Felger: No, no, no, no. Not this year. Not this year, boys. This year we’re going to get moving. And if you’re going to dick around, you’re out. That’s it. Normally Mazz, we say, we don’t want the umpires to be the show. Not this year. This year I want you to be on the show. Take over the game. And air on the side of “ball one, strike one, get your ass moving, oh you’re screwing around with me? You’re out”. And I want the umpires to take control of these games. And I totally believe that Kimbrel and Realmuto were effing around with that umpire and good for you, sir. Good for you. Umpires take over the game. And if you listen to any commentary across the country, it’s just the opposite. I’m glad to hear you say that, because I think I felt the exact same thing.

    Jim Murray: And I’m with you too and I hate the umps and mostly want them replaced by robots. But the way you just explained it, you really can’t find that clip in totality on the Internet. It’s just the quick clip of the ball being dropped by Realmuto and then him getting thrown out and everyone immediately jumped to the conclusion of, “the umps are a bunch of dicks! what are they doing? This is the worst! This guy’s awful! I can’t believe this is not Angel Hernandez!” Like all of that same stuff you’d expect. But if you watch the clip in totality, they’re screwing around. Eff them. It’s changed. Stop trying to slow the game down.

    Felger: It’s the only time I’ll say this: I want the umpires to be the show. It’s what I’m tuning in for early on in the year. I want to see that clock. I want to see the umpires hold the players to it for entertainment purposes. I’ll take these babies pouting or pulling what Kimbrel pulled yesterday and these guys, you know, pouting and stomping their feet. And I want the umpires to stick it right down their throats. And I want the umpires to be the show. And if there’s some collateral damage or there’s some overreactions, fine. We need the game back. The game has to be taken back from the players and the game has to be returned to the game that we grew up with where they just played. They threw the ball and got in the box and swung the bat and played. And it has to be taken away from the players. And yesterday was a sign of it being taken away from the players.

  • A breakdown of the entire situation with Kimbrel and Realmuto

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