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On Agenda Free Friday, Felger opened the show discussing the Boston Bruins 12-2-0 start to the season and this start means the Bruins kind of have to go on a Stanley Cup run this spring.

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    Felger: I’ll go first quickly because we played the Bruins winning again last night, coming out of the break, and I mean, my take is pretty simple at this point….Don’t they have to go on a cup run now? Don’t they have to?

    Mazz: Yes. I had a similar thought. I’ll just say that in a similar thought. Like they’re legit.

    Felger: I mean, they’ve shown their ceiling and I’m not telling you they’re going to win. Is it 10 of 12?

    Mazz: Yeah, they’re 10-2.

    Felger: Whatever they are, they’ve won something like 10 of 12, 12 of 14, whatever it is. You know, they’re not going to maintain that pace like I get that. But, if they’re healthy and they’re this dialed in, they now have to go on a deep run.

    Mazz: They’re 12-2.

    Felger: They’ve won 12 of 14. So they’re not going to do that all season. I got it. But we’ve seen their ceiling. We’re seeing what they’re capable of up and down the lineup and from the goalie out this should be a cup team, a cup run team. And if not, we’re getting to the point where if they don’t go on a run, it’s a big disappointment.

    Jim Murray: Or a massive fail if they lost in the first round, I would feel like. Got to win a round.

    Mazz: I mean, it really has reached the point where it’s borderline ridiculous.

    Felger: I mean, it’s borderline ridiculous.

    Mazz: It really is though. Like, McAvoy doesn’t play, shows up, snaps a wrist shot from the high slot, you know, like, boom, there you go. Jump right in.

    Jim Murray: Marchand’s first night, what did he have two goals that night?

    Mazz: He did.