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Ty Anderson joined Felger and Joe Murray on Wednesday to discuss that latest on the Bruins. During his time on the show, the guy’s discussed potential trade targets for the Bruins as the trade deadline approaches.

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  • Who could the Bruins be looking at?

    Felger: Ty Anderson joining us here. Give me some realistic trade possibilities for the Bruins. What you think they should do? You just threw some names out at me before, but if I want a defenseman, if I want a number three or four defenseman and again, my whole rationale is I want to upgrade Carlo and or Grzelcyk. I want someone who can play legitimate Stanley Cup playoff minutes, with McAvoy and or Lindholm, to keep those two separate for as much as you can. Because I think that’s important to balance out your lineup and I want that guy. I want two solid number three, four defenseman who is not a puck mover, not a little guy, because I think they can move the puck between McAvoy and Lindholm, they can handle those duties. So a sturdy, more defensive defenseman number three, number four guy…go.

    Ty Anderson: I don’t know if you’re finding that on this market. This market stinks for that kind of level of help. You really kind of have like Luke Schenn and you have Joel Edmundson, you have that kind of group and then you have the guys like Jacob Chychrun out in Arizona.

    Felger: So Chychrun, why doesn’t he fit this profile? Too good?

    Ty Anderson: He’s too good. I think he’d be a top pairing guy. He’d kind of be like another Lindholm almost where he could be in your first pairing or be a really good second pairing defenseman for you. It’s funny, you know, I’ve heard the Bruins have still sniffed around on him despite having Lindholm, and for me that is in line with what I call the “Nashville model”. For years the Nashville Predators had a loaded defense and no high end center. They were like, “we can’t find the center, so we’re just going to have the best defense in hockey”. And so I wonder if that’d something there like, you hear about the Bruins looking around for left handed defense help, which is a little surprising in the sense that you have Lindholm. Grzelcyk has been good of late and you have Derek Forbert. So who among that three would kind of be the odd man out?

    Felger: Grzelyck, Forbort EASY. Why are you….

    Ty Anderson: Forbert is a really good P.K. guy?

    Felger: You did this last week too, where it’s like, if you want to add something in the offseason, something has to give on your roster. And you’re like, “well, I don’t get rid of anyone”. What are you like a green-teamer or like Gorman? “I don’t want to trade Tyler Zeller”.

    Ty Anderson: Can we go back to that for a second…

    Felger: So like all of a sudden, “Oh no, I can’t lose Derek Forbert or I don’t want to take away minutes from Matt Grzelcyk”. Like, why, why wouldn’t you?

  • Chychrun

    GLENDALE, ARIZONA – MARCH 22: Jakob Chychrun #6 of the Arizona Coyotes skates with the puck against the Colorado Avalanche during the NHL game at Gila River Arena on March 22, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona. The Avalanche defeated the Coyotes 5-1. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

  • Felger: You tell me what Chychrun costs you. What’s his contract situation?

    Ty Anderson: I want to say $4.6 million for the next couple of years.

    Felger: Bargain, great!

    J-Stew: This year, next year, and the year after.

    Felger: $4.6 for the next three years?

    J-Stew: Yes.

    Felger: Great number.

    J-Stew: Age 24.

    Felger: No brainer. I mean the contracts a no brainer.

    Ty Anderson: I agree. Is that two first round picks, Mason Lohrei, a roster filler…..

    Felger: So I’d like to keep as many picks as I can. And I know Dan Sweeney suck at drafting…

    Ty Anderson: You’re falling in love with your picks.

    Felger: I’m not, let me finish. I noticed when he sucks at drafting, but you still have to draft so. Can I? Mason Lohrei, the defenseman he’s the big defensive prospect. Is he improbably huge as he.

    Ty Anderson: He’s huge. He’s at Ohio State. He’s gigantic.

    Felger: How is he progressing? Is he coming.

    Ty Anderson: Six foot four. He moves well. I have questions about point production at the NHL level, but when I talked to him last I couldn’t believe how big he was.

    Felger: Listen, if I have a D core, which is Charlie McAvoy, Hampus Lindholm, and Jakob Chychrun, what do I need a number one D-prospect coming up through my system?

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