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As the New England Patriots get set to host the Detroit Lions on Sunday, there’s still uncertainty as to who will start at quarterback for the Patriots. On Wednesday’s Felger and Mazz show, Mazz gave his thoughts on who should be the starter.

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    Felger: Mazz, Zappe or Hoyer?

    Mazz: This week?

    Felger: Yes.

    Mazz: Hoyer!

    Felger: Why?

    Mazz: Because of the playbook, the experience, everything. And when I say the playbook, you can run a hell of a lot more things with Hoyer. I’m not sure Zappe can play yet.

    Jim Murray: A half concussed Hoyer or fresh new Zappe?

    Mazz: Okay. Well, listen, half concussed he’s not even going to play. But if you’re telling me similar to last week, they’re both 100%, i’m taking Hoyer. Even if Hoyer is at 85%, I’m taking Hoyer. Hoyer knows the offense better, he’s been in a ton of NFL games, I will absolutely take Hoyer over Zappe. Fans sometimes can be really, really stupid.

    Jim Murray: I just don’t understand how you’re immune to the fever.

    Felger: Joe in Lincoln, Zappe or Hoyer?

    Caller: Yeah, you know Mazz, sorry about this, but let’s find out about Zappe. He’s like two years away from Houston Baptist as a college, as opposed to Mac Jones who went four years at a semiprofessional organization in Alabama. What would Zappe be like if he had been to Alabama for four years? All I know is I saw trust in the game for which he had no experience and he didn’t poop his pants. He did more than that, he played okay. Imagine what could happen if he really had some coaching and some time.

    Felger: Mazz?

    Mazz: Yeah. So what I would say is if Zappe had gone to Alabama, what would he have been? The team manager is what he would have been.

    Felger: Waterboy.

    Mazz: Yes, he would have been the Waterboy or he’d have been Rudy. They would have beaten the crap out of him at practice.