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In an interview with Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe, Celtics guard, Marcus Smart, made comments the made it seem like Ime Udoka was done dirty by the team. Felger and Mazz dicuss the idea of that possibly being the situation and if it was possibly lead to an issue for the team.

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    Felger: Just giving a sampling of the commentary nationally on this situation. Most of it, again, directed at the Brooklyn Nets, as it should be, I suppose. But here in Boston, there’s issue. I mean, I get the sense again from Adam Himmelsbach story in The Boston Globe today, that the Celtics players feel Ime Udoka got done dirty. That’s what it feels like. That’s the whole tone and undercurrent of Marcus Smart’s comments and to some extent, Jaylen Brown, but really more Marcus Smart. And I think Marcus Smart like fancies himself anyway as the de facto “captain” of the team, elder statesman, team spokesman. So if he feels this way, you got to believe a bulk of the players feel this way, do the Celts have an issue on their hand? And in one breath, like, that’s an issue for the Celtics, but then in the next breath, I’ll still tell you. I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them. You know, you’re not the Knicks. You’re not one of these garbage franchises. And so you have a culture, and I’m not putting you on some sort of pedestal, but it ain’t cool to have people running around, sleeping with each other’s wives and getting into all that sort of mess. You don’t want have a team or a building like that. I don’t blame them one bit.

    Mazz: No, nor do I.

    Felger: So they’re within their rights. But so then I would say the players, you know, need to grow up a little bit. Like that’s not allowed. That’s not accepted. If you think Udoka got done dirty, you know, you need to grow up a little bit too.

    Mazz: They need to pick a side. Who do you want to blame? Pick a side. My guess is they’ll pick the coach’s side because the coach is who they work with and they, you know, they don’t deal with the front office as much, so they want to be on the coaches side. But if they do that, then they’re making Joe Mazzulla look like a clown. So now, what, “well, we don’t want to play for you, we’d rather play for the other guy?” So, you know, they do have an issue. There’s no question about it.