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Week 2’s matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday night kicked off on Amazon Prime. The guys gave their thoughts on how the broadcast went.

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    Felger: For example, we just gave you a little sample of you if you listen to the broadcast, you know what we’re talking about. I couldn’t hear it. I kept saying, what? What? We’ll start with Charissa Thompson. Go.

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    Felger: Talk about a waste of a legendary voice.

    Jim Murray: It’s a waste of your talent. The risk of sounding overdramatic, but look, I mean, I’m biased because we’re in this, but you’re hanging your people out to dry when you do that, like you make them look like a-holes. And if I saw that if I’m Al Michaels or Charissa Thompson today I’m like, “I look like an a-hole. And people are bitching about it on Twitter. They can’t hear anything. You made me look like a fool. Fix this”.

    Felger: So that one was obvious. And I still blame that it’s on the internet. I can’t believe they cheaped out on the sound guy when they’re paying Al Michaels $15 million a year or whatever it is. And they paid for real talent. I mean, they had to hire away Charissa Thompson and Tony Gonzalez and they’re have to pay Fitzpatrick and Richard Sherman something like I mean, they spent money on it and the graphics were high end, the camerawork was high end. So I can’t fathom that they then cheaped out on the board. Now I’m going to blame the Internet on that.

    Jim Murray: And just quickly, I thought I might be in the minority here. I just don’t think that Kirk Herbstreit’s a good fit for Al Michaels. He’s very informed, but I just find him monotone and flat and boring.

    Mazz: I don’t like him either. I don’t like Herbstreit. That part I totally agree with. I didn’t have the problems you guys did the audio mix was off. There’s no question about that. I thought the video presentation in the game was actually quite good, way better than I thought it was going to be. I thought, I was envisioning NFL Network kind of bullcrap. That’s what I thought. So from that standpoint, I was fine. But Herbstreit’s got to go.

    Jim Murray: Yeah to steal a line from Robbie Buckets, Rob Snyder who produces on BST, he tweeted last night it’s like he’s calling a different sport. Like he’s good but he’s so synonymous with college football, he just doesn’t fit with Al Michaels. He doesn’t.

    Felger: Okay. That that’s not my beef. My beef is just it felt small time even with Michaels there. It’s just, when you fire up the platform or whatever, it’s just not the same. And when I heard the sound, when I couldn’t hear Charissa Thompson in the pregame, like, Oh, yeah, well, no wonder it’s on the Internet. And then when I couldn’t go from channel to channel, I couldn’t go on the last button, i’m like, yep, it’s on the Internet. It’s an Internet game, and just by definition, you lose juice.