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The Boston Celtics opened their season with a 126-117 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night. Felger, Mazz, and Jim Murray gave their thoughts on the win on Wednesday’s show.

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    Felger: Celtics opened up last night, beating the Sixers at home. Mazz, what were your impressions?

    Mazz: Overall, I thought they were good. They picked up right where they left off, other than the fact that the defense sucked. Okay. So let me get that out of the way. The defense sucked. I mean, they didn’t dig in and play the way they have in the past. But, offensively they were really good. I thought they were engaged in the game. So i’m not saying they dogged it on defense, but their execution defensively was poor. But they caught my attention real early in that game because Maxey drove to the basket for Philadelphia and Tatum slid over and swatted the thing into the third or fourth row. And I don’t remember many times Jayson Tatum emphatically blocking a shot like that. He was into it from the beginning. The more I hear him talk, the more I feel like the light has gone on and he’s starting to understand what it requires to be a great player in that league, which is to win. And you have to do whatever it takes to win. And Chris Mannix wrote a thing on SI.com today about Tatum, where he said that during the off season, the singular thing he was talking about with the people in his circle was winning, “I want to win”. And so maybe, you know, again, let’s see how this goes over the long term, but I will say that in terms of a starting point for them, after the Udoka thing, Robert Williams injury, losing, they came out with a purpose which I was happy to see.

    Jim Murray: Solid all around win. Their two stars looked awesome. Tatum, some of the stuff that he was doing, like the slicing and dicing, getting to the hoop, more of that, please. Feels like some of the smaller lineups are going to benefit Jaylen Brown, who looked faster and I read Chris Forsberg, who talked about the offseason workout, Brown was like training in water in a pool and all that kind of stuff. So he looked like he bulked up to me anyway, but those two were great. And Malcolm Brogdon seems to be a difference maker. I couldn’t also help but be a little bit annoyed, and looking at Brogdon, and apparently both Harden and Joel Embiid after the game said that Brogdon was the difference maker for the Celtics in that win last night for them. If they had Brogdon last year, they’d win this whole thing. If they had a player like that, they would have won the whole thing.