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The Boston Celtics dropped an NBA Finals rematch on Saturday night to the Golden State Warriors. On Monday, Felger and Mazz react to the loss and what former Celtic Kendrick Perkins had to say about the loss on the NBC Sports Boston postgame show.

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  • Kendrick Perkins Postgame Audio on the Loss

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    Felger: Kendrick Perkins is not afraid to call it out. That’s why he’s so valuable on that NBC Sports Boston postgame. Jayson Tatum and the Celtics still have to prove it.

    Mazz: They totally do. And I’ll tell you what, his point’s a good one, too. Tatum doesn’t know how to grind. He doesn’t know how to grind. Jaylen Brown was a guy that had to learn how to grind. His game wasn’t as polished as Tatum, so he’s got to grind and he learned how to grind. He probably had to learn how to grind his whole life in a lot of ways. His game’s not so smooth. Tatum wants to be smooth, and in a game like that, you got to fight. You got to stick your nose in there and you got to fight. And I thought that that game was really demoralizing. That third quarter to me was really, really demoralizing. I mean, it was the same thing. It was the same thing. That game was an opportunity for them to go in there and say, “we’re better for it”. Are you? That was their chance. And they pulled the same crap almost exactly.

    Felger: It was really a carbon copy.

    Mazz: It was unbelievable.

    Jim Murray: It was. And so for Jaylen Brown to say….

    Mazz: Just quickly, just because I have to get this off my chest, Derrick White, who’s been knocking down everything, all of a sudden look like he couldn’t throw it in the freaking Boston Harbor, let alone the bay. Like, again, as soon as they amp up, they melt.

    Jim Murray: I have been thinking he’s been their third best player, but again, he turned into a pumpkin that night. It was so frustrating. So for Jaylen Brown to say, like, we circled this game almost like it’s a bad thing, I think that’s a good thing. Like, that’s what I was hoping for. This like burst the balloon for me because I thought they had gotten over this and now it’s like, put the doubt in my head as a fan. So I’m sure it’s done the same thing to them too.

    Felger: I think he was saying “we circled it and guys were too tense”. You know, that’s…

    Mazz: Scary.

    Felger: Yes, scary. Scary. And Tatum’s like, “meant more you guys than me”.

    Mazz: Bull crap.

    Felger: “Meant more to you guys than us. It’s just one game.” Well, it was just a little reality check early in the season for the Celtics.

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