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Felger and Jim Murray opened the show on Tuesday discussing Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin and his scary injury situation last night in Cincinnati.

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    Felger: We’ll just start off with some opening thoughts. Murray, what were your thoughts last night as it went down and as it stands here today.

    Jim Murray: As it went down, you know, my thing was, “well, this is bad, but he’s going to be okay”, because we’ve seen these type of things before. A guy goes down and it’s like, okay, you know, please move. You figure it’s going to be something about, you know, maybe hopefully the player’s not going to, like, lose feeling in his hands or arms or legs or something like that, that’s what I initially thought it was. But when they started showing the players faces, that was the first time I ever felt like as a sports fan, watching football, “oh, this this is real bad. Real, real bad”. And then you hear Joe Buck mentioned CPR. Well, this is as bad as it gets. I mean, like he stopped breathing. His heart has stopped. Like they’re trying to resuscitate this guy on the field. And it was horrible. It’s absolutely horrible. I don’t know what else to say beyond that. You hope for the best. I’ve never seen anything like it. I hope to never again watching sports. It’s the worst possible thing that you could think of seeing as a sports fan, as someone potentially or looking like they’ve died on the field of play. It was awful.

    Felger: So it is my least favorite thing of watching these games is when the players down and he’s not moving.

    Jim Murray: And you’re just like “please move”.

    Felger: I find myself doing it all the time. “Get up, move”. You know, because when there’s movement, you’re generally out of the woods.

    Jim Murray: Yeah, the thumbs up.

    Felger: So the thumbs up is, you know, what you really want. But even before they put you on the neck board, did you move? Did you move once they have you on the neck board coming off the field, I mean, like the pit in my stomach I get when the guy isn’t moving on the field and just but it’s almost always based on paralysis and just, you know, how devastating and sickening that is to have your life literally cut short. You know, even if you have your you’re still living, but you have your life cut short with paralysis. It’s just one of those things I’ve just always, always hated. And covering hockey over the years and football over the years, it happens. It happens, I don’t know if it’s a handful of times a year, but it happens.

    Jim Murray: But given the violent nature of those sports, those two specifically football and hockey like it’s it’s unfortunate, but it almost feels like it’s all a matter of time before something like that happens to a player. And so you just hope that you never see it and that these guys, even if they do suffer, like can end up leading some some sort of normal life, and that’s the one thing that you hope for Hamlin going forward, like, you know, it shouldn’t be like, “hey, can you get back to play football?” Like, can this guy lead a normal life going forward? That’s all you can hope for.

    Felger: Well, so but that’s what made last night different because, you know, he did get up and he did, you know, he was standing on his own there for a couple seconds before he went back down so this wasn’t a paralysis situation. And it clearly was different. But it’s just so easily just the thing I hate in watching sports is the guy that doesn’t get up. Just sickening. Sickening to see that go down the way it went down.

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