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Felger & Mazz

Felger & Mazz

Felger, Mazz, and Murray give their reactions to the holding penalty late in Super Bowl LVII that ultimately solidified the victory for the Kansas City Chiefs over the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Felger, Mazz, and Murray give their thoughts

    Felger: That had to be the absolute peak audience for the NFL this year. That moment. The last 2 minutes of that game last night. And Greg Olsen says he doesn’t like the call in that spot. Good for him. Whether you agree or disagree, do you agree or disagree, Mazz?

    Mazz: Oh, I disagree. I thought it was a hold. And again, look, the it was a little “ticky-tack”. I mean, maybe a lot “ticky-tack”, but the part that I can’t get past is grabbing the jersey. You grab the jersey, they’re going to throw the flag.

    Felger: So wait a minute. It was “ticky-tack” and you didn’t mind it?

    Mazz: Well, because I thought it was a penalty. I was also rooting for the Chiefs.

    Felger: Okay. Well, let’s try and separate our personal feelings.

    Mazz: Look, it was a “ticky-tack” call. It was. But I also think if you grab the jersey, they’re going to bust you. If he hadn’t grabbed the jersey, I’d have been irate because I think that the idea of him putting his hand on the guy’s hip, you know, he didn’t turn him or anything like that, but when you grab someone’s jersey you disrupt the route. Even if you set them off by a half step, that can be enough. So he tugged on the jersey and to me, like it was consistent with how the game was called, I’ll say that, so I was surprised that they called it at that stage. But based on how they do it during the regular season, that’s a penalty. I mean, it’s a penalty.

    Jim Murray: It was a penalty. But you said the key thing, based on how they were calling the game up until that point that’s not how the game was being called. I mean, there was one key play over the middle at one point I remember Juju Smith-Schuster gets mugged and they don’t throw a flag. So it was inconsistent, but that is a flag. And I’m also with Mazz, I’m a little bit biased. I mean, I do want to be a little consistent also, because I always say especially with a hold, at the end of the game like that I don’t want to see it affect it. Let them play. But I was rooting for the Chiefs, so I’m glad it happened.

    Felger: Is it why the Eagles lost or should you blame that on the loss? No, of course not. Of course not. The flag doesn’t come out, they’re still down three points with 1:45 left and one timeout. So no, no, no, no. Or two timeouts whatever they had. It’s not like they would’ve won the game on that. They had work to do. And there was a million plays up and down the field over the course of the game that they should be blamed for. So I’m not blaming the loss on that call. I’m just saying you can’t throw the flag in that spot. You can’t do that! And unless you were calling the whole game that way and they most definitely were not. That was the only holding call the game.


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