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The New England Patriots season came to an end on Sunday at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. On Monday morning, head coach Bill Belichick met with the media and he made some comments on the spending of the team. Felger, Mazz, and Murray seem to think there’s a bit of a Patriots s#!+ storm brewing in Foxboro!

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    Belichick Audio: When you look at the National Football League and the salary cap situation, and it’s the same for all teams, what we try to do is we look at it over a time frame. One year is a “polaroid snapshot” that actually, there are multiple years involved. At some point the reconciliation has to come. Our spending in 2020, our spending in 2021, and our spending in 2022, the aggregate of that was we were 27th in the league in cash spending. Couple of years were low, one year was high. But over a three year period, we’re one of the lowest spending teams in the league.

    Felger: Uh Oh, wow. I heard that one this morning and I said, okay, game is on. Game is on down there in Foxborough. I’ve said a million times, I do not think Bill Belichick is ready or willing to start over somewhere else. I’ve been telling you that for years. He dosen’t want to go somewhere else and start over. Maybe I need to reassess that. He said what?

    Belichick Audio: Over a three year period, we’re one of the lowest spending teams in the league.

    Felger: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Talk about a third rail topic down there with the Krafts and the New England Patriots. Oh! We’re one of the lowest spending teams in the league, Belichick said.

    Belichick Audio: Over a three year period, we’re one of the lowest spending teams in the league.

    Felger: Oh. Oh, okay. So, I sort of thought they’d be on the same page by now. They’re clearly not. And that to me, in a press conference this morning, the season ender with Bill Belichick, was the headline with a bullet. But that wasn’t the only one, so we’re going to talk about the fallout. The fallout commences here on Felger and Mazz, with Mazz! How are you doing, Tony?

    Mazz: Good, you?

  • Felger: Oh, peachy. Thank you so much. We’re here from our Town Fair Tire studios in Waltham. Big Jim Mourray alongside as well. You have some thoughts on your football team?

    Mazz: Yeah. I felt the same way you did when I heard Belichick this morning. I felt like the whole thing was Bill saying, “Well, don’t just look at me. Like don’t just look at me”. That’s how I felt the whole thing was. “Whether it was, let’s talk a little bit about the quarterback and let’s talk some about the owners, too. And let’s start with the owners”, because of that comment. I was every bit as interested in that and stunned by it as you were.

    Felger: Oh, it’s one thing, I fully expected, Bill to you know, passive aggressively and tacitly point fingers at Mac Jones. I mean, that’s a thing. And that’s a player that’s a subordinate to Bill. That’s someone he can pick on. But that goes right up the toocas of the guys that own the team. That is a third rail topic. Oh, God, “you’re cheap”?

    Belichick Audio: Over a three year period, we’re one of the lowest spending teams in the league.

    Felger: Ohhh. So that means they still got it. They’re still in the “fingerpointing” stage. They’re still in the “fingerpointing” stage of this thing.

    Jim Murray: Yeah. Whether it was a counter or a start, first strike, whatever you call it, this blew my mind. Like you, Mike. We all know it’s the one thing. Like, you can call it crass, whatever you want. Don’t ever call them cheap. And it’s one thing for media people to be to know that. A subordinate, and Bill is a subordinate I don’t care how powerful he is there, when I heard, I was like. WOW, what balls. What balls! You fingerpointing, excuse making, baby. “Oh, don’t look at me. Oh, problems aren’t me. It’s not just me. My hands are tied. I’ve been able to get the players and the personnel I want because the owners are cheap. WOW!

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