Felger & Mazz

Felger & Mazz

Felger & Mazz

The New England Patriots fell to the Green Bay Packers in overtime on Sunday to fall to 1-3 on the season. Felger, Mazz, and Jim Murray gave their thoughts on the Patriots loss.

  • Reactions to the loss

    Felger: Do you want to just immediately dispense with the moral victory thing and get right to why they lost?

    Jim Murray: Its moral victory Monday! Come on!

    Felger: Do you want to do the moral victory thing? It’s up to you guys.

    Jim Murray: Let’s pop the champagne and pull our peters! It’s moral victory Monday here. Come on, guys. Wooo! Wooo!

    Felger: You just tell me what you want. Can we get right to the matter at hand, which is why they lost a game they should have won?

    Mazz: Okay, well, but can I say this?

    Felger: You can say whatever you want.

    Mazz: I feel better about them now than I did two weeks ago.

    Jim Murray: Moral Victory Monday! Wooo!

    Mazz: I do. I feel better about them now than I did two weeks ago.

    Felger: See where Mazz wants to start? Since he wrote that book, Murray, it’s like, this is our city, man. All right, here we go.

    Mazz: I am. I’m Mr. Positivity. If you had the weekend I had in Toronto, you’d feel this way, too. I’m just looking for a close game.

    Jim Murray: I thought about you, you poor bastard. What a waste of time.

    Mazz: Seriously, I was just happy to see a close game. That was just a competitive game. I do. I feel better about them than I did going in two weeks ago. I feel better than I did two weeks ago and I think they’re still in it. I was worried. What I’m telling you, frankly, is I thought that they sucked worse than this. I did. I thought they sucked worse than this. I thought that this was going to be a complete disaster of a season. I don’t feel that anymore. Now, can I just add this as well…this praise that is being heaped on Belichick in particular is ridiculous. Like, “masterful game plan”. What was so masterful about it? We talked about it last week, play man and run the ball. Like, play man and run the ball. What what is so masterful about that? Like let’s not go too far with it. So, i’m sort of with you on the let’s not go too far with it”. But, they got dealt a pretty rough hand.

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