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On Wednesday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Patriots Center David Andrews joined the show to discuss some of the offensive line issues that have made headlines during training camp and the preseason. He called them a “work in progress” like always, but expects the next few days to help clean things up a bit.

  • David Andrews Acknowledges The Offensive Lines' Struggles

    Beetle: On the offensive line, have the preseason issues been ironed out ahead of the opener on Sunday?

    David Andrews: You know, it’s always a work in progress, you know, and obviously today is a huge day for us being in pads down here, really get to work on the run game, things like that. So it starts today and building on the preparation and the Thursday and Friday.

    Beetle: You know, I know that we talked with you during training camp about some of the communication up front and how maybe that has changed a little bit in how you do that. How does that improve as weeks go on as games begin and do you expect a loud environment at the stadium on Sunday? The Dolphins fans are pretty excited about that team this year.

    David Andrews: I mean, you know we’ll see what we can get. Communication wise, obviously when you kind of narrow it down and like I said, you know, talking about the game plan and there’s a focus, I really think cleans all of it up. So it’s a big thing, but you know, excited for the opportunity, excited, you know, for a great environment, you know, against a good football team.

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