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  • This morning on Toucher & Rich, Albert Breer from shared his thoughts on the Washington Commander, Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos in talks on a possible joint venture to purchase the team (Even though Dan Snyder’s hatred for Bezos and the Washington Post is no secret), Where does Kraft stand in all of this and more.

  • Dan Snyder

    LANDOVER, MD – DECEMBER 03: Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

  • Rich: If Bezos ends up purchasing the Washington commanders. Amazon can’t play the games, right?

    Breer: They think it’s less of an issue now that he’s stepped down as CEO. Okay.

    He’ll be able to do it. There’s been a perception out there that Bezos is interested in buying an NFL team and it would wind up either being Washington or Seattle. Seattle could go for sale in the next few years, too.

    The one thing I have heard is that Dan Snyder will not sell to Bezos because he hates The Washington Post.

    Rich: So on the day that they said he was going to have to sell the team or he was looking at selling the team, that investigation thing came out about them ripping off.

    Breer: Yeah, I mean, it was getting ahead of bad news.

    Rich: I’m sure it was just right. It was trying to steal the headline before the real headline came out, like, is he going to have to be forced to do it after all?

    Breer: I think the losing the support of Jerry Jones was massive. I’ve got it on good authority. Now that he has lost the support of Jerry Jones, I think Seth and Don Van Natta reported that a few weeks ago. So the understanding I had is when they got in the room was just the 32 of the 31 owners in the Packers in there and goodell is addressing it and Irsay had already said what he was what he said. He basically delivered this very stern message to the owners, ‘let the process play out, trust the process. The process will take care of this’, and the way that the room received that, again, this is just owners and kin, right? So no one else in there, right? Like no team presidents, no CEOs, no league office people. Just the commissioner and ownership and ownership family. Basically the way they took that was the message was for the other teams, ‘shut up, we’ve got this and we are and we are going to get to the result that everybody in the room wants’. And the message to Dan Snyder was, ‘we’re not stopping, so you can do whatever you want to do, but the train is coming down the tracks now. There’s nothing you can do to stop’.

    Rich: It’s amazing. You’re talking about Jerry Jones and Jim Irsay and usually among the most vocal ones is Robert Kraft. Has he said anything?

    Breer: I think one of the things that’s interesting about this whole thing is there’s been like sort of been an old school, new school split here. I think the older school owners and Irsay is in that category because he’s family. Right? So it’s the generational ownership that goes back to the 70’s and 80’s and the Paul Browns family in Cincinnati, Mark Davis and the Rooneys, like all of them. They’re the ones that really want him out because they think that it’s making everybody look bad. Whereas the newer school owners are more worried about what the implications of skeletons in people’s closets coming out as a result of this turning into a mudslinging.

    Rich: Where does Kraft lie?

    Breer: He’s sort of in the middle. He’s not like new new school. He’s not one of these guys who had mega money and came in. Robert Kraft was wealthy. but like, he’s not he didn’t come in as David Tepper or even like Arthur Blank or Stephen Ross or those guys were worth billions and billions of dollars when they bought their teams. Robert Kraft wasn’t that when he bought his team. So he’s sort of in the middle. I would say like the the older school owners view it more as like a collective. Like I’m worried about like the way that this reflects on all of us and this makes us all look bad. Where I think the newer school owners are more myopic about it and they’re like, I just want to protect my own ass and I’m worried that this is going to make that stuff is going to come out. That’s going to make me look bad, if that makes sense.


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