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A Norwalk, Connecticut teacher was arrested for demonstrating a jiu-jitsu chokehold on a fifth-grade student. The teacher practiced her skills on at least three students, one of whom had reportedly lost consciousness. 

On Wednesday’s Toucher & Rich program—Fred, Rich, and Wallach react to the news clip audio breaking down the incident. Also, callers share their stories about odd situations with former teachers.

  • News Anchor: A school math coach in Connecticut is now facing several criminal charges after she allegedly put several fifth-grade students into a chokehold. This incident happened at Brookside Elementary in Norwalk. And in one case, a child lost consciousness and had to be treated by the school nurse. 

    News Reporter: Usually, we hear about chokeholds in the news, now we’re hearing about something that police are not supposed to do because it’s dangerous. In this case, a teacher working as a math coach was accused of putting a fifth grader in a chokehold. Now, this was supposed to be educational, a demonstration. But the school district says that the student fainted. 

    Police Officer: A staff member at the school, a math coach, had rendered one of the students unconscious. 

    Fred: What are you going to do about it? Alright, nerd. 

    Rich: I think that was the cop speaking. 

    Fred: Then he’s a nerdy cop. What are you going to do about it, Johnny Law? 

    Rich: Fred, this doesn’t sound like a situation where the teacher just got angry. This was an “I’m going to show you how much of a badass I am” situation. 

    Fred: How novel that the teacher was taking judo. Unlike everyone else on the entire planet. 

    Rich: Fifth graders! 

  • News Reporter: According to the police reports, it happened while teaching a group of fifth graders a defensive jiu-jitsu move and demonstrating on three of them. Someone alerted the school nurse. 

    Police Officer: The student regained consciousness within seconds. 

    News Reporter: Any idea how it came to be that she was teaching them martial arts when she was a math coach? 

    Police Officer: You know the investigation is still ongoing. We’re not sure exactly why she decided to do that. 

    Fred: Because she listens to the Joe Rogan podcast. Anyone who goes on there has to be a jiu-jitsu person. 

    Rich: I looked up this story, and the first article is from “Black Belt Magazine.” Who doesn’t own a copy of Black Belt Magazine? 

    Fred: I mean, it’s at every barbershop. 

    Rich: The headline is “Math Coach Arrested for Choking out Student.” There was one report where they interviewed somebody who worked at a jiu-jitsu place about why you shouldn’t put fifth graders in a chokehold. 

    Fred: Also, once you take jiu-jitsu, your body is a weapon at that point. 

  • two men demonstrate bjj brazilian jiu jitsu grappling or luta livre technique on the ground at training at the academy in front of group of students leg attack

    two men demonstrate bjj brazilian jiu jitsu grappling or luta livre technique on the ground at training at the academy in front of group of students leg attack

  • Rich: Have you ever had a maniac teacher that got physical with you? 

    Fred: If you let someone choke you, there’s a chance you’ll lose consciousness. 

    Rich: But you’re in fifth grade. What are you supposed to say? “No, don’t do this, please.” 

    Fred: If someone puts you in a chokehold, there’s a chance that you’re going pass out, right? I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point of a chokehold. 

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