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Tom Brady talks with owner Robert Kraft before a preseason game in August 2019.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said on CNN on Thursday that he wants Tom Brady to sign a one-day contract and retire as a Patriot. On Thursday’s Felger and Mazz, Felger gave his thoughts on what Brady signing a one-day contract would actually mean.

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  • What would a one-day contract actually mean?

    Felger: Money! Money! They’re monetizing it! They’re all monetizing it! The whole idea of Brady retiring a Patriot is a branding opportunity. Don’t you get it? They brand it, they logo it, they sell it. Brady as a Patriot, is a money maker! You know how these owners think. You know how the Krafts think. They’re businessmen! This is a business opportunity. Brady retiring a Patriot…it’s a moneymaking opportunity. As well as it tugs at the heartstrings, I’m not denying that. Like, there’s a sentimentality to it, that is obvious too. But make no mistake, they can monetize that. And if Brady’s cooperative, that’s a moneymaker.

    Jim Murray: Well, they both benefit, yeah.

    Felger: Well, now listen. So the Krafts look at it that way. Brady is not above this now. Brady is a businessman, too. He says, “well, wait a minute, why should I give you the benefit of me retiring, a Patriot and all this and all these things you’re going to do with it. What’s in it for me?” So they’re both looking at it as a moneymaking opportunity and you’re going to be caught in the middle. So my guess is that the question here with Brady retiring a Patriot and their relationship going forward, money’s somewhere in there. It’s somewhere in there and it’s probably a prominent part of it. Who knows? Maybe they come together on a logo, they can merchandise a logo, sell the logo! You know, NFL merchandise is a revenue sharing deal that’s shared among the 32 owners. You buy a Patriots jersey, all 32 owners share that Patriots jersey unless you buy it in the pro shop. But anything bought on fanatics or you know nationally is shared.

    J-Stew: TB12 merchandise is Tom Brady.

    Felger: It’s Tom Brady. Well what if the Patriots and Tom Brady come together for a new brand? I don’t know Brady’s got branded clothing. He’s got TB12 branded stuff. The Patriots sell every single toilet paper dispenser in that stadium. It’s sold. This one’s brought to you by Fidelity. This dump brought you by e-commerce, whatever.

    Mazz: Charmin!

    Felger: Thank you. That’s a better one.

    J-Stew: Soft.

    Felger: So, they’ve reached a business agreement, is my guess. And they’re going to sell the crap out of it to you. That’s what I think.

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