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PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 19: Head coach Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots talks to Mac Jones #10 against the Philadelphia Eagles in the first half of the preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 19, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Patriots defeated the Eagles 35-0. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Bill Belichick was asked by the media today if the plan is to continue with Mac Jones at the starter? Bill’s answer “Plan is to try to beat Cincinnati.” Jim Murray and Adam Jones react to Bill Belichick not publicly committing to Mac Jones when asked.



    Mike Reiss: Is the plan to continue with Mac Jones at the starter?

    Bill Belichick: “Plan is to try to beat Cincinnati.”

    Jim Murray: Is that like the fifth or maybe sixth time this season that he has kind of refused to back Mac Jones?

    Adam Jones: Yeah, that sounds about right. I don’t know the official counter there, but yeah, I’d say that sounds about right that he refuses to back Mac Jones, especially when Mac was coming back from that ankle injury. Yeah, that’s about right.

    Jim Murray: So three games to go and the coach still won’t say for sure. So like in the past, I mean, again, go back to like when it was Brady, Garoppolo after the Kansas City game, the Daggers, he shot it. It was Mike Girardi, I believe, that asked the question at the time. Like, I mean, like, come on, it’s Brady. What are we doing here? He refuses to do it with this kid. Yep. Time and time.

    Adam Jones: Even the cam. You’re right. You’re doing.

    Jim Murray: That. Do it back. Killed. That made me crazy, too, because, like, the guy stinks, he’s washed. He throws the football, like, a full can of paint. Can you just please say you’ll look at Jarrett Stidham maybe just once. Which leads me to believe that Bill could be catching in the case of this Zappe fever right now. You know, this might be the viral time of year.

    Adam Jones: Everybody’s getting it. Yep. It it’s like RSV, Jim. Everybody’s catching it. It’s like Bedard had it the other day. All of a sudden, he’s teams AP. I mean, you’ve been there. I’ve been there. What’s crazy about Belichick be in there, especially when his mouthy quarterback goes out, goes 13 for 31 and can’t complete a pass and I know it was better looked better on film than it looks when we were all watching on Sunday, which is a bunch of garbage, he sucked. And so, Bill says, all right, if he’s at least completing passes and he’s not turning it over I can put up with some of the baby is antics now when you’re 13 for 31 maybe it’s time to take a look at Zippy like I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all. Bare minimum, he’s trying to keep Mac motivated because Mac seems wildly unmotivated and ready to check out. So, a bare minimum he’s doing that. But my guess is it’s more than that. My guess is they could really be looking at Zappe.