New England Patriots

On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Beetle explained why there’s zero reason for Mac Jones to return until he’s 100%.

  • No need to rush Mac Jones back

    Beetle: This could change, I’m saying at this point today they would have no reason to bring back Mac Jones prior to him being entirely healthy. There would be at this point in time no benefit and that includes factoring in the way that he played over the first three games. He threw interceptions. How does the offense look? Try to take the quarterback play out of it. How does the offense look now compared to what it did in week One in your mind?

    Zo: Night and day. Night and day different from Miami. I mean there’s structure on the sideline. There’s confidence when they take the field. Rip Isaiah Wynn all you want last week, guy played well yesterday.

    Beetle: He did.

    Zo: And I’m sure he’s hearing it. You’re human. You don’t live under a rock. I mean, turn on any TV or radio everybody’s talking about Isaiah win last week and make a move. Stayed with it, went out, played well. Trent Brown is a monster right now. I talked about during the broadcast and I don’t know if it’s the white pants, white socks. He looks bigger than he actually is. Like he’s huge. He’s 6’7. We know his size. I brought it up to Bob, I’m like I remember the first stint here, he looked heavy, looked doughy. Had that baby face but he was big. Like he looked physically fit, which is scary because that guy got his ass in shape. He’s already made a ton of money and he’s out there flexing after plays when he buries people. Like, I don’t know what more you want as an offensive line or offensive line coach there. Like can we please keep running his way. Lets get everybody else playing that way. You know how good that is for (Cole) Strange now to play next to him and (Dave) Andrews. Andrews is one of the best centers in the league, has been every time he’s out there. Now you’ve got a rookie that gets to go out and get his feet up under him, he’s still wet. He still makes errors, but it’s starting to really come around.

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