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  • On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Beetle didn’t love Mac Jones’ comments about Matt Patricia being a “brilliant” football mind because it sets the second-year quarterback up to take the fall if things go wrong.

  • Beetle’s outlook on Mac Jones’ comments

    Beetle: Who’s criticizing Mac Jones for these changes and for the issues with the offense?

    Zo: Nobody, but this is his guy now.

    Beetle: I mean, but doesn’t mean that he needs to hitch his wagon to Matt Patricia, but he just did. And I find it interesting because if you’re going to hitch your wagon to Matt Patricia and say that he’s one of the most brilliant guys football-wise you’ve ever been around. Well, if things don’t go well in the season, Mac now is setting himself up to be the guy who takes the fall. And I just mean in terms of the blame. You’re not going anywhere. I’m just saying, well okay, well Mac, if your coach is brilliant and there’s issues out on the field, it must all be your issues.

    Just in terms of self-preservation, I would not do that if I were him or any other quarterback. Six weeks into or how many weeks of work have they put in now between the spring and now, whatever it is, eight weeks of work that they’ve had together, hitch the wagon to him so strongly. Yeah no, he one of the brilliant guys, easy to talk to, all of those things. Laid back. I think there’s some of the criticisms that came out of Detroit were that he was none of those things.

    Zo: He didn’t seem like a bulldog when he was here, coaching a defense. He kind of always had his mouth covered with the play sheet and we didn’t see anything demonstrative from him, like we’d see Billy O’Brien get into it with [Tom] Brady. We’d seen Josh [McDaniels] get into it with Brady up in Buffalo. Yeah, I don’t see that happening with him and Mac right now.

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  • Mac Jones showing love to Matt Patricia


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