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  • On Monday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Beetle made it clear that he’s buying in on a comeback season from Patriots tight end Jonnu Smith. Zo wasn’t so confident, though, opting to “sell” on a bounce-back year.

    Beetle: Buy or sell, Jonnu Smith has a big year.

    Zo: I’d sell on that.

    Beetle: I would buy it. I’m a believer in him. Always have been. I think they’ve just got to find a way to use him and I think they’ve been working on that quite a bit this preseason. I think just based on his reps and the times they targeted him in practice, they made it part of their mission this year that he’s going to be involved. So I’m buying that one.

    Zo: There’s got to be some sort of special tight end package that they have some secret code for where he’s going to be like, they’re going to have some tight end screen for him. They’re going have some tight end [plays], you know, quick pitch, your jet sweep. Say he comes out and has a great start, like eight catches on Sunday. That’d be great for him. It gets his confidence going. Like, they need him to get confident.

    He’s their most explosive player. Sorry. He is. Watch him at a dead stop and then watch him have the burst. There’s nobody, nobody else on the team that could do what he does. Now, you need to sort of figure out how do we get the ball?

    Beetle: I think there are ways to get him the ball even more now in this new offense if they’re doing it right.

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