New England Patriots

On Thursday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Albert Breer of SI and MMQB explained that a Bill O’Brien reunion with the Patriots is “absolutely” in play.

  • Breer believes it's a real possibility

    Marc Bertrand: What do we think of the future of Matt Patricia and Joe Judge as offensive coaches on this staff if the second half of this season for the Patriots does not go the way they would like?

    Albert Breer: I’m just going to be really interested to see again, I think what happens at Alabama is going to be interesting, and I think everybody here should be paying attention to it because is it possible that Nick (Saban) and Bill (Belichick) talk and Billy O’Brien wants to come back and Nick maybe feels like it’s time to change their offense a little bit after, God forbid, they lost two games in the last play of the game because, you know, everybody’s in the hot seat down there when you lose two games. Yeah, I think that that could be in play here. Absolutely. And that’s why I would watch like really closely with the college coaching carousel. Billy O’Brien’s name has been mentioned for some of these jobs, like Nebraska’s one that Nebraska is said to be interested in him. So if he has opportunity with some of the college jobs and doesn’t even interview, then that tells you he wants to go back to the NFL. And I think that that certainly might be in play and I think like, you know, based on everything we know, that would be the ideal replacement if you were going to replace those guys.

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