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On Thursday’s edition of Zolak & Bertrand, Albert Breer mentioned that Bill Belichick has overcome a lot this season.

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    Albert Breer: I think Bill is overcoming a lot of things around him. I personally do.

    Marc Bertrand: Expand on that please.

    Albert Breer: The way I get to that is, I think if I’m the Krafts right now, my biggest problem with Bill Belichick is his failure to develop people around him. His failure to develop a suitable replacement for Josh McDaniels. His failure to develop talent on the roster, his failure to develop people in the front office who and again, they lost a lot. There’s no question about that. They lost, I mean, we can go through the names. Nick Caserio, Monti Ossenfort, Pat Stuart, James Liipfert, DuJuan Daniels. They lost a lot of guys in the front office. I don’t think Bill’s lost it as a coach. If I’m (Robert) Kraft, my biggest issue with Bill is what have you done to develop people around you, to develop people who can pull their weight. And I think Bill’s still a good enough coach that he can overcome a lot of that. But, I mean, if we look at the history of it, right, like when they lost when they lost Romeo Crennel, they had Dean Pees ready to go. When Dean Pees didn’t work out, they had Matt Patricia ready to go. When they lost Charlie Weis, they had Josh McDaniels. When they lost Josh McDaniels, they had Bill O’Brien. When they lost Scott Pioli, they had Nick Caserio. Like, that’s what they were and that’s why they never had to go outside to bring people in, because they had developed good people internally. And like that’s if I’m Kraft is my biggest concern. You haven’t developed people at the same rate and that’s why you’re having to do these cockamamie things to make it work.

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