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Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal joins Felger and Mazz every week during the football season to discuss the latest on the Patriots and every week he answers 10 questions on the Patriots and the NFL. Here’s a recap of “10 questions with Greg Bedard” put together by Hardy!


  • 10 Questions Recap


  • The 10 Questions

    10. What are your thoughts on John Harbaugh’s decision to go for it on 4th-and-goal at the 2 late versus Buffalo instead of kicking the field goal? His reason, which he stands behind, is that the analytics show kicking the FG and giving the opponent a drive where they could use all four downs put his team in a worst statistical position.

    9. What are your thoughts on the Belichick-Aaron Rodgers love-fest? Why is BB so over-the-top?

    8. What are your updated thoughts on Lambeau Field and the Green Bay football experience after your most recent trip back?

    7. Who is your favorite receiver in the league? Not the best, necessarily, just a guy you like. 

    6. Rank the top coaches in the league and stop when you get to Matt Lafleur.

    5. Name the top toolbag coaches in the league. Stop when you get to Matt Lafleur.

    4. What are your thoughts on Bobby Wagner destroying that fan who ran on to the field last night in Santa Clara?

    3. Should play-clock violations be reviewable? 

    2. What is the most irrelevant team in the NFL?

    1. Rank the teams in all of pro sports that have sucked the most for the longest period of time and stop when you get to the Detroit Lions.