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Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal joins Felger and Mazz every week during the football season to discuss the latest on the Patriots. Every week he answers 10 questions on the Patriots and the NFL. Here’s a recap of “10 questions with Greg Bedard” put together by Hardy!

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  • The 10 Questions!

    10. What was more fake: Mac Jones’ 104.6 QB rating on Sunday….or Jimmy Garappolo’s four TDs last night in Mexico?

    9. Who is the most underrated team in the league?

    8. Who is the most overrated team in the league?

    7. What is the best landing spot for Aaron Rodgers next year?

    6. What should be the Packers depth chart at QB next season?

    5. Is it possible Jeff Saturday and the Colts aren’t toolbags and this was actually the right call?

    4. What’s the best and worst things you can say about the Vikings franchise and/or its fans?

    3. Obviously, Detroit and Dallas get to host Thanksgiving Day games every year. Should the league maintain this tradition or mix it up?

    2. Rank the holidays and stop when you get to Thanksgiving.

    1. If there is one “must” for you on Thursday, and every Thanksgiving, what is it?