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Greg Bedard of the Boston Sports Journal joins Felger and Mazz every week during the football season to discuss the latest on the Patriots. Every week he answers 10 questions on the Patriots and the NFL. Here’s a recap of “10 questions with Greg Bedard” put together by Hardy!

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  • The 10 Questions

    10. What is the Dallas Cowboys biggest problem?

    9. Was that a catch by Jamar Chase in Buffalo in the back of the end zone (the one that was overturned)?

    8. Rank the quarterbacks in the AFC and stop when you get to Trevor Lawrence.

    7. Should Stephon Diggs and the way he handled himself at the end of the game on Sunday be a concern to the Bills?

    6. Brady is appealing the fine he received for attempting to trip Dallas’ Malik Hooker last week, saying how can be punished for somerhing that didn’t happen? In other words, you shouldn’t fine intent. He also said he wishes the union were stronger in these matters. Your thoughts.

    5. Who was the biggest toolbag of Divisional Weekend?

    4. I’ve seen a couple of mock drafts, including one from Bucky Brooks at NFL.com today,  that has the Pats taking Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer. Your thoughts.

    3. If the NFL does, in fact, go to neutral site conference title games – give me four (realistic) venues where they should be at the most often?

    2. What’s the best – or your favorite – conference title game ever?

    1. Super Tuesday is two weeks from tonight. You going to be there? Either way, if you had to go out and get drunk – which I now have to every year on this day – and Murray was in charge of taking you down, what would you drink? What would be your game plan?
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