Will Brinson // TV Drama at the Toucher Household (Hour 4)

In this hour: Fred Toucher & Jon Wallach are broadcasting from the Town Fair Tires Studios in Dorchester. Rich is broadcasting remotely.


Will Brinson, Senior NFL Writer for CBSSports.com, joins the show. He shares his thoughts on week 1 action including Gostowski’s missed field goals, Bruce Arians’ criticism of Brady’s performance against the Saints, Cam Newton’s Patriots  debut & more (00:54)

After missing 3 of 4 field goals, are we witnessing the end of Stephen Gostowski? The Patriots signed another Quarterback - What’s going on with Jarrett Stidham? The new TV installation at the Toucher household is not going well and spills over the air (16:50)


The Stack (28:34):

The odds are in for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals

Carole Baskin’s Dancing with the Stars debut falls flat