The Gridiron and Beyond: Michael MacCambridge (Ep. 15)

This week's podcast features writer Michael MacCambridge (@MacCambridge), author of "Chuck Noll: His Life's Work," and "America's Game: The Epic Story Of How Pro Football Captured A Nation."

MacCambridge is one of the NFL's most acclaimed historians, appearing frequently on NFL Films documentaries.

Bob Socci talks with MacCambridge about the football experience in Pittsburgh and how the Steelers went from one of pro football's worst franchises for decades to the Team of the 1970s, just as the city and steel industry were falling on hard times.

MacCambridge also compares and contrasts Chuck Noll and Bill Belichick, and discusses two other coaching icons Paul Brown and Sid Gillman.

He describes how he thinks Pete Rozelle, the game's greatest commissioner, would have avoided many of the self-made messes that have plagued the league in recent years.